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Monday, February 7, 2011

lol !!

i’m all confident because i think i got this like

then i get the test and i’m like

then i sit there looking around for someone to copy off of like

then i find some smart kid to copy off of so i’m all

but the bitchass usually covers their paper so i’m like

so then i just sit there and attempt to take this stupid test but it’s so hard so i’m like

and i just hand in my test and sit at my desk like


this was me last week ughhhh


hakim said...

ni anak murid nak komen ni..haha...tension benar dye...ish ish...rilek sudah

mysara said...


nub said...

semat meyh,. hehe

chillex2.. jom pukoi2. haha

leyzajamil said...

hehe,,funny..buat lg yg lg fun ok.

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